3MOTION is born in 2012 with the mission to bring stereoscopic imagery to the art disciplines through collaborations with artists in different fields. The goal is to bring new narrative expressions to specific art forms, searching new emotions that couldn't be possible without the technology of stereo3D



3MOTION is equipped with a full post-production S3D system to ensure the highest quality and supervision on the work from the concept phase to the delivery.


From 2013, 3MOTION welcomes independent projects.









Emmanuel Albano founder of 3MOTION is an Italo-French filmmaker living in Toronto since 2011. Emmanuel grew up in the advertising world in Italy and switched to Cinema and Art arriving in Canada in 2009.

In Italy he directed and edited commercials as well as live spherical events with the use of 360 cameras and was involved in the design of aerial video gimbals.

Emmanuel follows closely the technological innovation in the search of creative ways for an artistic application.

The focus for 2014 is the exploration of the new language offered by stereoscopic imagery.


Emmanuel is an experienced editor and works mostly for independent productions.

Si3D (International Stéréoscopic Society)

LABO (Laboratoire en Arts Médiatiques)