- iBox

Developped as an art residency at SAT (Society of art and technology) of Montreal

iBox - boite a insultes - insult box

is an exploration of the VR medium and uses all the "immersive" elements to provide an unusual VR experience , very different from the "classic" use of video in VR.

It is irrevent and provocative both to the medium and to the audience.


Postponed several times The Spirit of the Hunt is an Experimental Animation/Live action Stereoscopic film.


A collaboration with painterNyle Johnston.


This project received the participation of the Ontario Art Council.








                     L'Esprit de la Chasse

                The Spirit of the Hunt

                         Lo Spirito della Caccia


           late 2018



Stereoscopic film

produced by 3MOTION





"The  Hunt"

 painting by Nyle Johnston

- The Spirit of The Hunt


Hommage to Norman McClaren

from a choreography of Throdown Collective

this short travelled the world and was nominated as best Francophone production at RCQC in 2015.

- Frames

- Boxset3D


directed by Emmanuel Albano


from the original idea of Throwdown Collective "Boxset".

An athletic and near acrobatic work atop wooden boxes, created and performed by

Zhenya Cerneacov, Mairéad Filgate, Brodie Stevenson.


The use of space and the elements of this piece made it ideal for a stereoscopic representation.

Emmanuel Albano transposed the originally outdoor performance inside a studio to create a film focused solely on the choreography.


BOXSET3D is an abstract moving picture. It showcases the physical closeness and negative space between the performers, their environment and most especially the audience, who becomes intertwined with their elegant and sometimes frenetic choreography.


Music of Kid Koala and Parov Stellar.